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IN STOCK Scout Helmet Kit - For Sale

Halloween/Holiday Promotion

$245.00 USA -or- $299.00 international


kit with ABS plastic frame

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This is a Helmet Parts Kit that will need to be assembled by you.

The finished helmet is sized Medium/Large. Extra Large heads WILL NOT fit this helmet.

The parts are made from glossy ABS plastic and a flexible green plastic is used for the lens.

Production time on our end takes 14-30 days after payment is made. Shipping cost is included in the price, meaning FREE SHIPPING

This kit contains:

Ships To:

Tools needed for tweaking: Drill, some Drill Bits, a couple Nuts and Bolts (or rivets and a rivet gun) , some Modelers glue (or hot glue, or ABS glue), Scissors, Razor/X-Acto blade, screw driver, pliers.

Helmet Parts
  • 1 Faceplate
  • 1 Back
  • 1 Dome
  • 1 Sun Visor
  • 1 Chin Cup
  • 1 Snout Greeblie (resin)
Assembly Parts
  • 2 Hinge Bolts
  • 1 Snout Set-Screw
  • 1 Elastic Chin Strap
  • 1 Green Visor Lens
  • 1 Decal Sheet



Helmet Faceplate

Helmet Back

Helmet Dome

Sun Visor

Chin Cup

Helmet Decals





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