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Fan-Made Scout Helmet Kit - For Sale

$284.00 USA -or- $324.00 international

kit with ABS plastic frame

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This is a Helmet Parts Kit that will need to be assembled by you.

The finished helmet is sized Medium/Large. Extra Large heads WILL NOT fit this helmet.

The parts are made from glossy ABS plastic and a flexible green plastic is used for the lens.

Production time on our end takes 15 days after payment is made. Shipping cost is included in the price, meaning FREE SHIPPING

This kit contains:

Shipping Destination

Tools needed for tweaking: Drill, some Drill Bits, a couple Nuts and Bolts (or rivets and a rivet gun) , some Modelers glue (or hot glue, or ABS glue), Scissors, Razor/X-Acto blade, screw driver, pliers.

Helmet Parts
  • 1 Faceplate
  • 1 Back
  • 1 Dome
  • 1 Sun Visor
  • 1 Chin Cup
  • 1 Snout Greeblie (resin)
Assembly Parts
  • 2 Hinge Bolts
  • 1 Snout Set-Screw
  • 1 Elastic Chin Strap
  • 1 Green Visor Lens
  • 1 Decal Sheet



Helmet Faceplate

Helmet Back

Helmet Dome

Sun Visor

Chin Cup

Helmet Decals





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