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Biker Scout Armor Kit

Biker Scout Costume Here's your chance to get some affordable Biker Scout armor for your fanfilm or upcoming costume party. Click here for more info.


Dredd (2012) Costume Parts

image of Dredd movie badge

Armor and Accesories for helping make your DREDD or Generic Judge Costume. Many parts are cast from screen-used items. Turn around time is generally 3-4 weeks. Click the image to see what we have available.


Tusken Raider Faceplate

image of the Tusken faceplate for sale

Pre-formed faceplates for the making of your own Tusken Raider head/s. Order Here if you are interested. $26.00 USA for one, or $40.00 USA for two. (international shipping is extra) We offer 1977 "A New Hope" sized facemasks.


Ghostbuster Proton Pack Shell

Photo of the proton pack shell that we offer for sale

Vacuumpulls of our 85% accurate, fan-made, black plastic Proton Pack Shells. These are "rough cut" from the vacuumformed plastic and will need 'edge' clean-up. $188.00 USA, $228 International. Click here to buy.


RFT Helmet - Finished or Kit

Photo of a finished Rebel Trooper Helmet that we sell

White, plastic Rebel Fleet Helmets are available in Kit form -or- as a finished Ready-to-wear Helmet. Go to our helmet sales page for more info. Prices range from $86.00 - $227.00 USD (shipping is included).


ZF1 Weapons System - Finished or Kit

Photo of a finished ZF1 Prop

Voila! here is a lovingly recreated replica prop of the infamous ZF-1 Weapon that was featured in the movie, The Fifth Element. Availabe as a kit or finished prop, this is one of the holy grails of scifi movie props. Click here for all the info.


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