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Below are some links to other equally informative Costuming HOW TO sites out on the Internet. If you know of a link that should be on this list...but don't see it here... Please email us and we'll see if it's worthy of the LINKS List.

Proptology - Excellent paper magazine on the art of prop and prop making. The man himself, Thurston James , has written articles for this magazine. Very informative. Highly recommended reading. I'm buying all the back issues I can get my hands on.

The ReplicaPropForum - One of the oldest and most informative discussion boards on the internet about prop making. Please help make it a good forum by posting only topic related discussions. Keep your ego and personal life out of your writings.

Dan Perez Resin Casting - Dan is a sculpting and resin casting god. His tutorials in the "Workshop" section of his website are highly detailed and invaluable. I cannot recommend you reading his site enough.

Makeup411 - Interested in traditional makeup and getting yourself looking the best when out and about? Hollywood professionals give you the lowdown on what they use on the movie stars. Highly informative site! Read it and get a proper education.

Amber's Jedi Garb - For those of you looking for patterns to make your own Jedi Robe. Highly informative site on the subject.

Lightsabers from the Big Yellow Box - STILL LIVE after 13 years being on the net! THE MAN himself, Brian Marchman, tells how to make your own custom lightsaber out of nothing but parts from the hardware store. Be a real Jedi, don't buy a lightsaber, build a lightsaber. :)

Build Your Own Replica Lightsaber - Good tutorial on building a Padawan Lightsaber as seen in the Star Wars: Episode 1 movie.

The Dented Helmet - Highly informative website giving you tips and links on building your very own Boba Fett costume. The Forums on this website are moderated by hardcore Costuming Fans and the information passed between registered posters is invaluable.

RACprops.com - A great archived newsletter that covers prop building in the Movie Industry. Now if it was only updated from time to time with new articles. Robert... anyone... please.

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