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The Finished Pictures

Here's a few picts of the Studio Creations Scout Armors over the years.


Scout posing with an Endor Leia costumer Side shot of the costume Back shot of the costume


Image 1 of photoshoot taken in woods Image 2 of photoshoot taken in woods Image 3 of photoshoot taken in woods


Studio Photoshoot - image 1 Studio Photoshoot - image 2 Studio Photoshoot - image 3 Studio Photoshoot - image 4


Other Fan Made Scout Armor
Dave Hoffmans scout armor.  Booyah!!!

Dave Hofmanns Scout Armor made from Studio Creations molds.

the Brian and Holly Frey scout costume

The ever amazing "Brian-and-Holly Frey" Costume. They taught me how real costuming should be done.

Brian Marchmans Costume

Brian Marchman came over for a weekend and we vacuumformed his armor. Doug Barrett joined in the weekend project too, but he has yet to assemble his armor. Get to it Doug!!!!

Alejandro Garcia's Costume

Alejandro Garcia bought my old 2000 armor for Halloween 2003. I revamped a couple pieces that needed fixing and he was set to go Halloween Night.

Vincent Jorgensen's Costume

Vincent Jorgensen assembled this armor for Halloween 2003.

Martin's Costume

Martin from Quebec, Canada built his armor in 2004.

Martin's Costume

Being the hardcore costumer that he is, Tory Laitila took this awesome photo of his scout costume in 2005. That's a Hawaiian island that he is kneeling on. Lucky bastard!

JAmes Miklos's costume

James did an impressive job assembling his scout costume, then had tons of fun wearing it!!!

Nate Aplands amazing hand built scout armor

Nate and a friend took it upon themselves to hand form flat plastic sheets into a scout trooper costume. WOW, what a spectacular job!!!! Studio Creations takes their helmets off to you guys!

Rod Hand assembled a scout trooper costume, then let his brother wear it during a local promotion gig for the Episode 3 DVD release in 2005.

David Laville survived Hurricane Katrina, then fixed/tweaked his armor during the down time of rebuilding his home. Louisiana Biker Scouts are very hard-core. :)

Derrick sporting his assembled armor outside of a local Haunted House , Halloween 2005.

Tony made his costume just in time for an seasonal Easter event in 2006. Rabbit costumes scare us here at Studio Creations.

Erich poses here in his armor with a 'Battlefront' sniper rifle in 2006.

Andrew finished his armor in Summer of 2006. Don't mess with Andrew!!!!

Ross finished his armor in Summer 2006 too.

Ken did an magnificent job assembling his costume in time for Halloween 2006

Gary assembled this costume and sent in some stunning shots of the final product. Woohoo!!!

Andrew got amped up to make a scout costume after he played in the marching band in the Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade alongside with the 501st Legion.

Marcel assembled his scout costume in record time. He went with the "battle-worn" look too.

Phillip took this excellent photo of his scout costume after he got it assembled. No doubt he's targeting one of those bloody ewoks that killed his comrades. Go Get 'em, Phillip!!

Paul built his costume and took it to Celebration Europe in 2007. That's a replica Speeder Bike he's sitting on. Paul knows you are envious of him. :)

Carly and Julian assembled this amazing scout costume in May 2008. The get-up fits them like a glove! Look at that!!! YAHHH!!

Steve took these 360° pictures of his Scout costume after he finished it in September 2008.

Colin assembled his Scout costume and was accepted into the UK garrison of the 501st in October of 2008. WAY TO GO!

Pat built his scout suit, then took it to the slopes to do some snowboarding!

BikerScout98 finished a screen-acurate LANCER Scout in record time and was approved by the 501st. WOOHOO!!!

Send in your own armor picts!!!

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