01 Unlock the clamps on the frame and pull the top frame off.
Then pull the tape off.

02 Recycle the tape.
If you are pulling multiple molds, try to recycle the tape by using it in the next frame pull. I have noticed that the tape usually lasts for 4 mold pulls before it becomes too "yucky" to use again.

03 Pull the plastic off of the cast.
Make sure you do not rip the plastic. Usually you will pull up on the plastic from one edge while pressing on the highest part of the cast to help release the molds. It may feel like you will rip the plastic, but fear not. Steady pressure and an even pull go a long way. TRIAL AND ERROR COMES INTO PLAY ALSO. The whole process should take 10 to 30 seconds.

04 If need be, cut the plastic off the plug mold
If the plastic will not release, carefully take a knife and score the plastic until you can safely cut the plastic off. Do not try to make ONE master cut with the blade. Multiple SCORINGs are better. They are more precise and lessen the chance of injury by a blade slipping.

When you try to do one major cut, you are putting a lot of force behind the blade. Caution and safety rule here. You are more likely to lose control of the blade when making a clean master cut with brute force. I cannot encourage you enough to make multiple "pansy" cuts in this area. Scoring is our friend.

05 Be carefull when pulling the plastic off the mold.
You do not want to accidently RIP the BAD plastic off and possibly rip the GOOD plastic that you wanted to use. Some of the scoring may have not went all the way through the plastic and you may want to finish cutting some areas in the middle of taking the BAD plastic off.

06 Now just Pull the plastic off the mold.
Usually the plastic just pops off the mould...rarely should you have to CUT IT OFF!

Be carefull not to rip the plastic when taking it off. the Helmet is notorious for LOCKING DOWN onto the plaster moulds due to the UNDER CUTS that make its shape. Certain pieces will require certain procedures for taking them off the MOULDS.

The Boxed Knee Caps and the Utility Belt on the stormtrooper are special cases. They need to be made so that the BOXES are separable from the MAIN mould. they LOCK down like crazy if you do not make them correctly. See Stormtrooper Knee Cap Sculpting for more info.

07 Once you get the plastic off, you are ready to vacuum-form again.

Repeat these procedures!

08 Take your time and try not to hurt yourself.

09 It's a rather fast process.
The whole vacuum-forming process takes anywhere from 4-8 minutes (if everything goes right.) I have gotten into a groove before and done it faster, but that is me and I have been doing this for many years.

Once you get all your parts vacuum-formed and cut out, you are ready for assembly.