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02/04/2011 We have started revamping the Definitive HOW-TO website.

10/03/2009 The "Studio Creations 6th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl" happened once again this year in Athens, GA. click here for some photos.

09/10/2009 Once again Dragoncon happened in Atlanta, GA, and Studio Creations was there to celebrate. Check out pictures from the event..

11/03/2008 The "Studio Creations 5th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl" happened in Athens. 22 people showed for the event. :) click here for photos.

11/02/2007 We edited another fandom-convention music video.... this time from Dragoncon 2007. You'll hear CHIC's hit song "Le Freak" as the soundtrack. Clicky-Clicky Here.

03/04/2007 We finally got around to editing a music video of the footage that we shot at Dragoncon 2006. We used Kool and the Gang's hit song "Jungle Boogie" as our background soundtrack. Hope you enjoy it ... click here for the video.