Separating the Fiberglass from the Plaster

Separating the Fiberglass from the Plaster Cast was more difficult than separating the Human Model from the Plaster Cast. We actually had to damage our plastercast to get the fiberglass out. (Seems that we didn't use enough RELEASE agent in the fiberglass process)
First you'll need to use a butter knife or Putty Knife to break the fiberglass that is trapping the edges of the plaster.
Go around the entire cast. the feet were a pain. I was really sloppy with the fiberglass in this area Resin was everywhere on the plastercast.
Also the Wrists were a pain because I had cast the back half more than the front half. This cause the plaster to LOCK into the plastercast. We had to Damage the wrist area to get the fiberglass out.

Once we were sure nothing would hinder our progress we pulled the pieces apart. The shoulders on the back half were locked down somewhere so we had to really get behind the fiberglass to help it out of it's plaster confines. We later found out we missed a spot with the vaseline.
The legs were still tough to get out of the mold, but we didn't have to resort to damaging the cast in this area.

The final pull of the back half.
Here's the area where the plaster was not "Vaseline"ed enough.
This is the worst area where we didn't use enough vaseline. We missed a whole front thigh when applying the "release agent". We ruined the entire Front Plaster Cast trying to pull the hardened fiberglass out later ons. Darn.
Here is the Plaster Cast with the Front Thigh "Mess Up".