Connecting the Two Halves

Now that we have the two fiberglass halves out of the plaster casts we need to join them together. You'll need to trim any excess fiberglass that is protruding off the casts.
Check to see if the molds don't match up in areas. Trim where need be.
If you took too much away in the TRIMMING and a big gap is created between the two halves, don't worry, you can Custom fill that gap while "joining" the two halves together.

Tape the two halves together in strategic areas to prevent slipage and misalignment during the joining of the two halves.
Look at the odd lining up on the wrist. this was the worst alignment I had. I fixed it buy cutting away the area that was messed up and laying down some Fiberglass Cloth and SCULPTING it in to the desired shape.
Here's a shoulder shot. See the seam that needs to be joined?
To join the seams, we'll just lay the strips of "wet" fiberglass cloth across the seam, therefore bridging the front and back halves together.
Let us cut up some strips of Fiberglass Cloth. I found that a 2.5 inch wide strip worked best. It gave me a good bit of area to seal the seam up. Some cracks were 1.5 inches wide and that left me 1/2 inch to anchor to on both halves of the cast.
Here's the neck seam with the fiberglass bridge. I recommend mixing the resin up in 4 ounce batches. The Fiberglass Cloth is not as wide as the previous fiberglassing experience so you will not be able to soak up enough resin before the resin hardens.
Heres the foot. I strengthened this area by laying down a strip of fiberglass on the inside of the foot also.