The Finished Pictures

Here's the Rebel Fleet Trooper Costume that we made, in it's finished glory. Thanks to Adam Hughes and Brian and Holly Frey for taking these amazing pictures of the costume.

Rebel Fleet Trooper - full body shot Rebel Fleet Trooper - side head shot Rebel Fleet Trooper crouching on one knee Rebel Fleet Trooper - side head shot Rebel Fleet Trooper leaning up against a wall, looking around a corner Fake comicbook cover using the previous image as the artwork

Other Fan's RFT Costumes

Below are RFT costumes that fans have finished and sent us pictures of. If you would aslo like your costume archived here , send us an email with an image attached and we'll get it in the gallery.

Andrews Captain Antilles - full shotAndrews Captain Antilles  - With Han Solo

Andrew did a great job with acquiring his "Captain Antilles" costume. He topped it off with a Studio Creations ABS helmet. Woohoo! Way to go Andrew!
Bill Blackburn, Rebel Trooper of the Month

Bill did a bang-up job on this Rebel fleet Trooper costume. His Dh-17 blaster is handmade. Booyaaaah!!!

Claus Morell -  Standing at attentionClaus Morell  - Being choked by Darth Vader

Claus finished up his costume in 2004 and went to the "2004 Star Wars Original Trilogy DVD Release" events in costume. He posed for a great photo opportunity of the Darth Vader choking scene.
John Garzillo, Top Rebel Trooper of 2004

John G. is ready to kick some Imperial butt if they try to raid any convention that he attends. John used the same "Kenner Blaster" technique for making his DH-17 blaster as we did.

Shannon confronted by a not so Rebel freindly character

Shannon completed up her RFT costume in February 2007. She's been having a ball posing with fellow fans in costume and even took this cool photo with the Dark Lord of the Sith. Kudos on a job well done!!!
Shannon confronted by a not so Rebel freindly character

Jason did an awesome job compiling his RFT costume in 2008. Is that a Master Replicas' DH-17 blaster he's holding? YAHHH!!!!

Alex used the DH2 Tutorial for good, not evil!

Alex assembled a great RFT costume from info here on the DH2 site. His blaster is a modified Kenner toy, and he's got a really accurate looking leather holster. Great action photos of his costume!

Send in your photos of you Rebel Trooper Costume if you'd like to see them put up here in the FINISHED PICTURES Gallery

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