In this section I will show you the basics to making Plaster Molds for vacuumforming. It's a simple process that involves making a Negative Cast of a sculpture and then pulling a Positive Mold out of that. Once you see me do one you will understand how easy it is to do this process.

I highly recommend you buying a good Mold Making Book also. The one I use is fabulous:

The Prop Builder's Molding And Casting Handbook
by Thurston James.

It costs about $17.00 U.S. and shows Step-by-Step instruction, 8 different ways to make a mold. It also goes into great detail how to build a Vacuumform Machine. This book rivals "THIS" website in detailed descriptions! I cannot say enough about it... buy the book... use the book... be one with the book.

I ordered my copy from AMAZON.COM ..... these guys carry it all! Next day shipping too! (grin)

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The Prop Builders Molding and Casting Handbook

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