Magic of the Myth Measurements

In 2002 some of the Studio Creations crew took a journey to see the Star Wars "Magic of the Myth" Exhibit in Brooklyn, New York. We wanted to capture as many photos and get as much reference as possible out of this trip. Ultimately we wanted to be able to take measurements of the props and costume on display too, but, there was a major problem, the props and costumes were protected behind glass walls. How do you take an accurate measurement when you can't get any closer than 1 foot?

Mat Clayson over at gave us the ultimate solution to this problem... Laser Pointers. Take two laser pointers and secure them to a base so the light beams stay parallel to one another. The light beams will pass through the glass just fine and shine directly on the object you want to measure.

We set up 3 laser pointers for measuring. The first two laser pointers were set up 2 cm apart and the second/third laser pointers were 3 cm apart, this made the widest distance between laser pointers 5 cm. We used METRIC UNITS due to the fact that alot of the SW props and costumes were made in jolly old England.

illustration of the laser pointer caliper.

So sit back, browse through the images and take notes when you need to. You might need to save a good many of these images to your harddrive and color correct or brighten the images in order to get the maximum detail available. Print out the larger images for reference if you want to, but...

Please do not distribute these electronic images to anyone else, send interested people over to so we can get the recognition for posting these images on the internet. Thanks.