Reference Pictures

Mission Briefing

briefing04 briefing05 briefing06 briefing07


Landing Party

briefing08 landingparty01 landingparty02 landingparty03
landingparty04 landingparty05


Luke Rejoins Group

rejoin02 rejoin01
rejoin03 rejoin04 rejoin05


Attacking the Bunker

bunker05 bunker06 bunker07 bunker08
bunker09 bunker10 bunkerbuster02 bunkerbuster05


Demolition Charges

bunkerbuster00 bunkerbuster01 bunkerbuster03 bunkerbuster04


The Endor Battle

endorbattle00 endorbattle01 endorbattle02 endorbattle03
endorbattle04 endorbattle05 endorbattle06 endorbattle07
endorbattle08 endorbattle09 endorbattle10


"Magic of the Myth" Museum Exhibit

shirt and bandolier image bunkerbuster01

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