Pouches, Bags, and Boxes


The Olive Drab Web Belt worn by the Endor Rebel Soldiers was cluttered heavily with pouches and equipment bags. Most of which were probably purchased from Army/Navy Surplus stores by the costumers at Lucasfilm.

No two Endor Soldiers wore the same pouch configurations. You can mix and match these identified pouches how ever you like on your own costume.

Pouches A and D in the image to the left look similar in size to the standard issue M14 Ammo Pouch, but the straps that go over the front face are not the style of the M14's. Still, it is close in size, so we'll give you measurements for the M14 pouch:

11.5 cm (4.5 inches) wide
17.8 cm (7 inches) tall
6.4 cm (2.5 inches) deep

Pouches B and C are similar to the M1 Ammo pouch, or a Military compass pouch, both are talked about further down the page.


This pouch, hanging off the hip of 'Mister Beard' here, is VERY similar to the 1967 style 'Vietnam Era' Ammo Pouch, used for 20 round M-16 magazines.

The M-16 Pouch measures:
14 cm (5.5 inches) wide
14 cm (5.5 inches) tall
6.4 cm (2.5 inches) deep


This satchel is extremely similar to the 1965/67 model "US M1956 LCE Buttpack". Thanks to Kctonkin and Darklighter184 for identifying this bag. . Kctonkin states "the 65/67 has a larger oval for a lid which covers the entire bag when half full as the right-most rebel is wearing. Also the opaque name pocket on top of the lid is a clue."

Size is approximately:
28 cm (11 inches) wide
23 cm (9 inches) tall
10 cm (4 inches) deep



Pouches A and B look to be compass pouches, or M1 Carbine pouches

Pouch "B" Could be any box-looking equipment pouch.

Approximate measurement:
20 cm (8 inches) wide
17.5 cm (7 inches) tall
9 cm (3.5 inches) deep

Demolition Charge Box


Only a couple of the Endor Rebel Soldiers carried the Demolition Charge Box. It's a bit bulky so you can opt to carry it or not. The "Trench Coat" Soldiers were never seen carrying the box in the movie, so people who do that particular costume should not carry the Demolition Charge Box ever.

While this is a boxy shape, it does have some raised areas on the surface that distinguish it from any ol' box. Arrows A clearly mark two raised areas on the lid, and Arrows C show two raised areas on the bottom. Arrow B is pointing to an 'arch shape' raised area on the side of the box, we can safely assume this arch is also present on the opposite side.


There are two latches on one side of the box, securing the lid down. We assume there are hinges on the other side of the box. Because of the wide grip Han has on this box , we assume the box is at least 5 inches deep.


The lid of the Demolition Charge Box has a curved shape, but this curve starts above squarish lip of the lid where the hinge and latches would connect.

Take note of where the shoulder strap is connected to the box. The strap connects in the middle of the not near the edge. The axle for the Shoulder strap is probably a simple bolt and washer.

Click here for 1:1 blueprints of the Demolition Charge Box

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