Jeff sporting his 75% accurate Endor Rebel Soldier costume


Welcome to the DH2 guide on how to make your own Endor Rebel Soldier Costume as seen in the Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi. This tutorial will go in depth into what makes up the Endor Soldier.... the helmet, shirts, jacket, pants, boots, backpacks and even the blaster. We 'll try to give the most detailed information about the costume as possible.

Update: Feb. 16th We added blueprints to the "Demolition Charge Box" in the Pouches/Bags/Boxes Section.

Contact Us if you have questions or suggestions about the tutorial content. We thrive on email feedback.

Sit back and enjoy the reading.

Credit where Credit is due:
We would like to give credit to the costumers and researchers over on the for all their years of discussing this costume and keeping the Rebel Soldier Dream alive. Arkos, Rogue9, Skaught, Reaper, JediToren , and especially Mookie. Mookie showed us how to get as anal retentive with our research as we possibly can. Had he not laid the ground work back in the day, Studio Creations never would have researched as deep into this costume as we did. I cannot recommend enough that everyone join the RebelLegion discussion boards and talk to these amazing costumers.

Also, mad props out to Chris R and Chris T. over at . They have helped identify so many of the PARTS OF THE STAR WARS Props that it's not even funny. They truly take research to the next level.


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