Bandoliers and Greeblies


click here to see a larger image of this Bandolier from the Magic of the Myth Exhbit

The Bandoliers worn by the Endor Rebel Soldier in the movie were nothing more than 5 cm (2 inches) wide webbing belts, with 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) wide loops sewn ontop of the belt. There are 5 loops sewn on each Bandolier belt, and 2 medium sized greeblies glued/riveted to it.

The loops are spaced 1.5 cm (.6 inches) inches apart for each other, and the loop is stitched 4.1 cm (1.6 inches) apart.

The webbing is thick, olive drab, military grade webbing. You can get this at most any Army/Navy Surplus store, sold by the meter/yard.

diagram showing measurements and placement of the loops on the bandolier

Below are some images taken at the "Magic of the Myth" museum display from 2001. The little red dots on the props are laser pointer images. The lazer pointers are mounted to a board, and the laser beams are spaced parallel to each other so we could take measurements through the glass cases of the props. Use these dots to calculate measurements of the props.

reh_bandolier_webbingwdth reh_bndlier_grenadediam reh_bndlier_grenadelngth reh_bndlier_halfpipe


Rank Badges

No info written yet about these greeblies, but here are a few images to ponder over.

reh_bndlier_rankbadge01 reh_bndlier_rankbadge03 reh_rankbadge02

reh_commbox_wdth02 reh_commbox_width01

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