Every Rebel Endor Soldier is equipped with a backpack, and there are two types of backpacks:

  • Two-Boxes Backpack
  • Military-style Alice Backpack

Any soldier can carry either of the two backpacks. There is no single configuration that is consistent between troopers. (Thanks go to Henrik S. for his keen observation on who is wearing what backpack.)

Two-Boxes Backpack

The Two-boxes Backpack is actually a returning backpack from "The Empire Strikes Back" movie. The Hoth Rebel Soldiers carried this type of rigid equipment pack with them on the frozen tundra as they battled the At-At's and Snowtroopers.

ILM's costume people just revamped the backpacks by dyeing the white cloth covering a green color, dirtying up the metal support frame, and swapping out the tan support harnesses with green ones.


The fan research community thinks each box is approximately:

   12 inches wide
   8.0 inches tall
   4.5 inches deep.

We have yet to build a Two-Boxes Backpack ourselves, so we cannot say if this is correct or not. If you build a two-boxes backpack, please email us and discuss dimensions with us.


Anal-retentive details that we've identified:

  1. Hollow pipe on the top of the rigid frame
  2. Hard detail strip under cloth flap
  3. Metal detail piece riveted to side of bottom box
  4. 12 degree angle on rigid frame, and possibly a padded plate in this area for comfort
  5. Lower connection point for harness strap (connects on the underside of the frame, not the sides)
  6. Curved bottom of rigid frame
  7. Rectangle detail bolted top top box
  8. Upper connection point for harness strap (connects towards center of pack, not the sides)
  9. Box seams shows through the cloth lining.


Military-style Alice Backpack


This Cloth Backpack looks to be made out of a Military-style Alice Pack. Most Alice packs come with a rigid frame, but ILM's costumers decided not to use that. They just used the cloth Alice Pack by itself.

What makes this backpack so unique is the 2 storage pockets on the back of the pack. USA military alice packs have 3 Pockets, so this is possibly another countries verison of the USA Alice Pack.

"Kctonkin" emailed us thinking this backpack might be a 1960-70's Vietnam era ARVN rucksack with all the closure straps & buckles cut off.

If anyone can help confirm the make and model of this pack and provide pictures and references, please contact us so we can update this information for other fans trying to make this costume. Our research time is very limited and we rely on collboration with other like-minded fans to help us do extended research on stuff. Thanks!



Anal-retentive details that we've identified about this pack:

  1. Large flap to cover main storage compartment. Possibly rubber edge trimming (not confirmed).
  2. Two greeblies, one on each of the pouches. Some packs only have one greeblie present (see image below).
  3. Two pouches (possibly the biggest detail needed when looking for the right pack in the stores)
  4. Black ribbed tube extending out of the main compartment and into theside of the back-rightside pocket. Take note of the cylinder that the tube connects to coming out of the main compartment also.

One Greeblie is present, and only on the right side pouch

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