Wetting Plaster Bandages

One of the first things you do in making a bodycast is "Wetting" the plaster bandages with water. The plaster bandages are DRY and need to be dipped in water to ACTIVATE the plaster. To do this, first lets make sure the "Wetters" have a table that is in a comfortable position for them. I hate bending down over a short table. It hurts my back. Also get a large bowl and fill it about 1/2 way up with water... warm or cold.
Pre-Cut all the 6 inch wide plaster bandages 24 inches long. We found this length to be the most useful. There might be small Scraps left over off each roll. Keep these incase you need to get into small areas like groins and underarms.
Fold the plaster bandage in half - length ways. We found that a 6 inch wide bandage was hard to work with. I recommend 6 inch wide because a) you save money over buying 6 cases of plaster bandages... b) you ultimately get 2 layers in one!
Dip the bandage in the water ONCE! Don't soak it... just dip it in and get in out. Practice will generate the best result.
Take two fingers and gently WRING out the excess water from the dipped bandage. USe two fingers to act as a squeege.
Only wring it out ONCE. If you do it twice or three times you will push the plaster off the cloth bandage. Now just hand it to the person who is laying down the bandages.