Releasing the Cast From the Model

It's pretty easy to get the cast off the model if it was properly greased. Basically the model needs to wiggle his/her way out of the cast. Loosening the cast from around themselves. You need to act as a spotter... making sure he doesn't fall flat on their face.
You'll basically take the front half off first and then take the back half off last.
The ankles might need need a little help from you. Give them the gentle attention they deserve.

Pulling the cast off.
Have the model lean forward so you can help in any areas that are stuck to the cast...
... like the socks! Ours were almost fully fused to the cast. AAAAaaaaaaa!!!!!!
The model will be stiff from being confined for so long... let them move at their own pace. They might be cold from the exposure to the air... get them dry clothes as soon as possible. Our model was in the cast for 3 hours and we think the plaster cast absorbed his body heat in the curing process... We were afraid of him going into shock at one point. He was shaking like a leaf.. not being able to control himself. I'm serious... this is no joke. Once we got him into warm clothes he warmed right up. Please Be Careful.

the Final Cast.
Please use a tarp on the floor even if you are working in a garage. The wet plaster will drip all over the place.